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What I’m trying to say is that there are many, many, many comics that come into my house, and I am only one small woman, and while I joke that reading is my superpower, there is no way I will ever be able to read all of them. And yet, I still want to try.

I usually have a rule that if a book has sat on my shelf unread for 6 months, it leaves my house; but it’s something I’ve had trouble doing with a lot of comics. I’ve made more exceptions than I should, but I just can’t bring myself to part with these 2015 graphic novels I really want to read.

from Five 2015 Graphic Novels You and I Really Need To Read by Swapna Krishna


Queer invisibility (onset by hetero/cisnormativity) is precisely why LGBTQ folk are burdened with coming out. If cis+straight weren’t made the default, then there’d be no impetus to come out. Fitting, then, that DC leads a creative charge that positions cis+straight characters so aggressively as the default. No wonder Jackson’s mother is a homophobe; the universe DC’s Rebirth is building is one where LGBTQ people barely get to exist.

from LGBTQ Hide Month: DC’s Rebirth Demotes Queer Characters by Jon Erik Christianson


Boxers by Gene Luen Yang (Latonya Pennington)

Boxers mixes historical fiction with myth and folklore for a magical twist on the Boxer Rebellion in China. It is a tragic, complex plot that not only taught me some Chinese history, but showed me how your humanity can be sacrificed for the greater good. The characters were memorable and I especially liked the Gods of The Opera. The artwork enhances the characters by being cartoonish and realistic with an equally balanced color palette. This was the most moving graphic novel I’ve read since Maus.

from The Best Comics We Read In June 2016 by Alice W. Castle


As a comics fan on a budget, I feel it’s important to cheat and occasionally blow your budget for a new mini-series. The only problem with the bending of ones own rules is sometimes BOOM! decides to release three mini-series within weeks of each other that are totally in your wheelhouse, which you end up justifying purchasing by telling yourself it’s only for a couple of issues. What’s an additional $12 for a few months? That’s nothing, you can skimp on coffee beans for a bit. So you buy the #1’s, fall head over heels for all three series, and take to Twitter, begging BOOM! for more than the four promised issues because they are just so good. Shortly thereafter, as if in answer to your tweets, BOOM! announces that your wish has come true, and all three titles are promoted to ongoing series, yay! Except, now you gotta figure out how to squeeze more books into your monthly pull list. Oh well! I’m happy to bust my budget for my new favorite friends.

from 3 New BOOM! Titles Worth Busting Your Budget For by Christine Hoxmeier


Bryan Lee O’Malley is a Canadian cartoonist who creates quirky stories about Millennials that blend the everyday with the extraordinary, magical, and ridiculous.

His characters are as full of heart and courage as they are with snark. It’s a great combination that turns typical everyday characters into epic heroes.

from An Introduction to Bryan Lee O’Malley by Emily Wenstrom

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