The Week’s Most Popular Posts: June 6 – 10, 2016

Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here on Book Riot:

But I could not love Me Before You, because Louisa’s growth is predicated on the worthlessness of the life of her romantic partner, Will. As a result of an accident, Will has quadriplegia. I could tell you more about Will — he’s accomplished, handsome, smart, and amusing — but those traits are just window dressing. His positive attributes are mainly reminders of his lost potential and highlight how inadequate his life now is.

from Why I didn’t Love ME BEFORE YOU by Jessica Tripler


These are the new releases I’m most looking forward to seeing hit shelves this June, July, and August. They’re a mix of books I read as ARCs and wholeheartedly recommend and titles still on my TBR. You’ll find a mix of genres, big buzz books and under the radar recs, plus lots of diversity, because that’s how I roll. What does this mean for you? There is probably a book or two that interests you as well!

from 16 New Releases to Read for Summer 2016 by Molly Wetta


So, thank you, casting directors, for believing in her, for trusting fans of the Wizarding World to trust in you, and for making a choice that realizes the hopes and potential of women like me, who have dreamed of being Hermione Granger since we were her age, and told we couldn’t. I don’t have kids, but when I do, I will be able to show my child or children a portrayal of one of the most famous fictional families in the world, and it will look like their family.

from I Care That Hermione Is Black by Jessica Pryde


A while back, Brenna wrote a really wonderful piece with 40 tiny tasks that can help you have a richer reading life. It got me thinking about what sorts of ways you can incorporate bookishness into your summer days and nights, even if you’re not necessarily planning to bulk up your reading numbers.


Here are 33 fun, creative, easy, and exciting ways to have a more bookish summer. I’d love more ideas in the comments, so lay ’em on me!

from 33 Ways to Have a More Bookish Summer by Kelly Jensen


Now in my 30s, I just assumed that signing up for a summer reading program was one of those joys of childhood I’d never recapture. I’m still motivated by stickers, free fast food, and tote bags, but didn’t think anybody would give those to me for reading all summer.

Happily, libraries around the country have started to open up their summer reading programs to adults. Libraries found that these programs promote adult literacy and encourage patrons to interact with the library in new ways. Plus, they are just a lot of fun for everyone involved.

from Library Summer Reading Programs…for Adults by Ashley Bowen-Murphy


The beauty of the paperback is, of course, discovering great new stories at a little bit of a lower price (not to mention that they’re so much easier to carry!). Likewise, the paperback release schedule is such that it’s not always books you’d have been familiar with in hardcover; sometimes a paperback doesn’t release for two, three, four, or more years after the original release. There’s also a chance you’ll see a fresh new cover.

You’re in for a world of fun reading in YA this summer in paperback. There’s a little of everything here: fantasy, realistic fiction, romance, historical stories, and more.

from 25 YA Paperbacks to Read This Summer by Kelly Jensen