The Most Frequently Stolen Books: Today in Critical Linking

According to research by Candice Huber, books by Bukowski and Kerouac are indeed popular targets for theft from bookstores, along with those by Hemingway, David Sedaris, and The Great Gatsby.

Ever wondered what the most frequently stolen books are? Find out.


Despite the fact that two-thirds of published authors in Australia are women, two-thirds of the books being reviewed are by men – a ratio that has remained largely the same for 30 years.

Gender bias in publishing doesn’t seem to be much better down under.

The app, which launched in January and has about 10,000 users, is the first dedicated platform for flash fiction, limiting stories to just 250 characters. Mathew says that TaleHunt is a valuable audience-building tool for authors and helps them showcase their creativity and test new ideas.

I’ve always thought that flash fiction was a cool genre with a medium problem. Perhaps an app can help flash fiction become more popular.