Four Science Fiction Predictions That Have Come True: Today in Critical Linking

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Here’s a rundown of sci-fi predictions that have proved gloomily prescient, with a tip of the nib to the novels and authors that introduced them.

Unfortunately, these Four Science Fiction Predictions That Have Come True aren’t all jetpacks and babblefish. In fact, none of them are.


Julie Dreyfuss goes back to the start of the book as we know it to show how these elements came together to make something more than the sum of their parts.

I learned a lot from this TED talk.

To combat the “summer slide” when kids swap reading for Popsicles and bike rides, all 80 branches of the Chicago Public Library system will give a dozen free books to any child who registers for the library’s summer program.

They apparently are trying to give away up to 1 million books.

“The research shows that there is a trade-off between speed and accuracy,” she and her colleagues write. “It is unlikely that readers will be able to double or triple their reading speeds (e.g., from around 250 to 500–750 words per minute) while still being able to understand the text as well as if they read at normal speed.”

Long story, short: speed reading is a crock.