Which Cruise Ship Library Is Right For You and More Critical Linking

Oftentimes, the bigger the ship, the smaller the library. “Large cruise ships just have too many things to do, and most of their guests are not on vacation to sit in a quiet space reading a book,” Garrison said. “On the flip side, smaller luxury ships without a lot of onboard activities or entertainment often have larger libraries.”

So what’s a library-loving cruise-goer to do?

We’ve taken a look at all the major and a few smaller lines popular with Americans to separate the book-heavy from the tech-savvy from the let’s-just-party. The good news: There is something for everyone.

Cruise ship libraries. Let me repeat: cruise ship libraries. Rad. (TBH: I wanted more pictures but Google Image Search is your friend, so enjoy the rabbit hole!)


We’re starting a monthly column that will feature short reviews of new poetry collections, although, as in this case, not all of those collections will have been released during the month in question. Here we’re playing catch-up. Many of these books were released earlier this year. Still, the reader will be none the worse for considering each of them in their entirety.

I need to be better about reading poetry collections, and this looks like a great place to start.


What are you in the mood to read this summer? This year boasts an unusual volume of stories exploring the thrilling and thorny stuff that makes us human. We think of them as books that make a difference—every one of them worth the plunge!

Good grief is a 60-slide slide show annoying. And yet, it’s Oprah’s summer reading picks so…click, click, click.


We all know someone who never seems to stop talking. They’re a yammerer, a babbler, a chatterbox—but they’re also a blatherskite, a clatterfart, and a twattle-basket, as well as a “clucking magpie” and a “seller of gossip”…

Language can be such a riot. Personal favorite on this list is blatteroon.


Whether you’re headed to the parade or staying home and curling up with a book, celebrate Pride this summer with these 10 great reads by Canadian LGBTQ authors.

Does your TBR list ever *stop* growing?