Reading Makes You Sexier to Potential Partners: Today in Critical Linking

While it has been commonly accepted for years that reading makes you smarter, the company tested its users to see what it did in the looks department and found out that it increases one’s appeal with potential partners and that there are a few genres of book that perform the best in the sexy department.

If you are a reader and interested in dating online, then it sounds like you shouldn’t be shy about including your love of books in your profile.

Customers will receive $6.93 credit for every New York Times bestseller they purchased and $1.57 for every other e-book in refunds as part of the $400m compensation owed to customers following the conclusion of the e-book price fixing case involving Apple and the US Department of Justice.

I am guessing some of you have some credit coming your way. 

In an impassioned dissent Monday, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor broke with the majority of the court in a case about unreasonable searches and seizures, citing James Baldwin’s and Ta-Nehisi Coates’s written experiences of constantly being viewed as criminally suspect as black people in America.

Literary citations in Supreme Court decisions. Sotomayor is my new favorite Supreme Court Justice.