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Let’s take a look back at what everyone was reading this week here on Panels:

The first real official day of summer was yesterday, and you know what that means: hot days, warm breezy (and if you, like me, lives in a place that is drenched in humidity, muggy) nights, and visions of a beach vacation in your head. If you’re lucky enough to actually be heading to the beach and are compiling your reading lists, add these graphic novels to your beach tote.

from 5 Graphic Novels to Take to the Beach by Swapna Krishna


Let’s face it – being a comics fan can get expensive. Whether it’s your pull list, convention tickets, or cosplay materials, there’s always going to be something tugging on your purse strings. And when things get tight, comics are often the first thing to go – when you’re having to decide between buying groceries and paying rent, it can feel impossible to stay a part of the comics world. It’s a feeling I know well: I recently moved to London, a city with a fantastic comics scene, but also nearly the highest cost of living in the world. Luckily, I’ve spent years perfecting the art of keeping up with comics on the cheap; here are my six top tips to keep reading when your bank account’s running on empty.

from 6 Ways to Keep Up with Comics When You’re Broke by Heather Davidson


There were bright spots over the past twelve months for me. Wonderfully queer moments that brought me joy, and now which give me hope. From summer camp to the Underworld, and the streets of Victorian England to the decks of a pirate ship, queer girls popped up in a plethora of comic book locations and universes. Here are some of the couples that made my heart swoon and reminded me we are here, we have always been here, we will persevere.

from Bright Spots of Hope: LGBTQ+ Comics by Keri Crist-Wagner


Scarlet Witch by James Robinson has been a stellar series that I feel reflects Wanda’s power and potential, encapsulated by the slew of talented art teams working on the series. The visual element of the comic has been what stood out most to me. Wanda is adept at myriad forms of magic, so why wouldn’t her talents be represented by different art styles? While I can see how rotating art teams would draw away from the storytelling, this facet has the opposite effect on Scarlet Witch.

from The Magical Art of Scarlet Witch by Allen Thomas


Hope Larson has been in the comics business since 2005, best known for writing and drawing her own gorgeous graphic novels as well as the graphic novel adaptation of Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time. She’s a New York Times bestselling author, an Eisner award-winner, a director, an illustrator, a writer, and she’s so talented I’d believe anyone who says she can tap dance, too. I’ve been following her work sinceSalamander Dream, a fantastical coming-of-age graphic novel about a young girl and her salamander friend, told with very little text. More recently she’s been writing monthly serial comics, namely Goldie Vance and the upcoming Batgirl.

from Interview: Hope Larson on Compass South, Batgirl by Emma Lawson


We’re living in a pretty cool time for artificial limbs. Materials science, robotics, and mind-to-machine interfaces are getting better and better; and people who once might have felt at a disadvantage due to a lost limb might soon be considered ‘enhanced’ relative to the typical human condition. As with the smartphone joke in Kingsman: The Secret Service, in realms such as these we are fast catching up with comic book technology.

So with that in mind, here are some of my personal favorite superpeople with prostheses!

from Top 5 Superheroes with Prostheses by Ryan Haupt

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