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But at the end of the day, what it boils down to is this: the Punisher is a character who has decided that because of his own trauma and personal code of ethics, he has the right to be sole arbiter of who lives and who dies, and he carries out his vision primarily but not exclusively via guns. Regardless of how thoroughly you problematize Frank’s existence and no matter how tormented of an unreliable narrator you make him, there is no getting away from the central argument of any Punisher story: there is a problem, and Frank solves it by shooting it. Or, to put it another way, there is always a worse guy out there, and only Frank can stop him.

This is not okay.

from It’s Time to Retire The Punisher by Jessica Plummer


I think I can speak for everyone when I say we were all thrilled to hear you’re going to be playing Deadshot in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. No matter what you may think of Jared Leto’s Joker, Harley Quinn’s costume, the reports of extensive reshoots or where the film will fit in the wider DC movie universe, who can’t get behind Will Smith back on the big screen in a proper summer blockbuster!

But Will, I’m starting to worry. It’s July now, which means Suicide Squad is out next month. At the time of writing, it’s exactly four weeks until the premiere. Four weeks, and not a word on the most important part of the film – the theme song.

from Dear Will Smith: Only You Can Save Suicide Squad by Heather Davidson


Since Pokémon Go is a new release, there are a few bugs. Namely lag times, server crashes, and occasional freezing that result in your losing that ultra-rare Pokémon you spent a few Pokéballs on. No, I’m not speaking from experience, why do you ask? So for those times when you’re having trouble loading the game, here are a few manga titles that Pokémon Go fans should check out.

from 5 Manga Recommendations for Pokemon Go Fans by Vernieda Vergara


If you’re anything like me, you’re still mourning Penny Dreadful, John Logan’s love letter to Victorian literature that came to an abrupt and completely unsatisfying — not to mention entirely unnecessary — end last month. (I’m not bitter, I promise.) And while I can re-read Dracula until the end of days, I went looking for some new media to soothe my wounded soul.

Of course, Titan only recently launched a Penny Dreadful prequel comic. But if you’re looking for new titles to explore that might be only tangentially related to the show and its themes, and that might help you move on from Vanessa Ives and her Victorian monster squad, here are a few to try.

from 7 Comic Recommendations for Penny Dreadful Fans by Katie McGuire


My youngest, who is 6 (Calvin’s age!), is a voracious reader. They both are, but he skews more toward fiction, and just very recently that skewing has lead him to discovering the various comics which are floating around the house. He would just look at them briefly, then put them away. It wasn’t until he got to Calvin & Hobbes that something clearly clicked. You can tell when something clicks, because a bookmark suddenly appears.

from Calvin and Hobbes Without Words by Peter Damien


Who doesn’t love some mystical equations, bubbling beakers, explosions, robots, and maybe a bit of swordplay? Whether you’re drawn more toward academic science shenanigans, Victorian gaslamp mysteries, or space western adventures, you’re sure to discover something to mystify and intrigue you from this list of gorgeous–and free to read–webcomics.

from 5 Webcomics with Science! and Magic! by Charlotte Reber

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