11 Books That Will Make You More Productive: Today in Critical Linking

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While there isn’t a perfect productivity formula for everyone, the 11 reads below will inspire you to create your very own process that works for getting more stuff done—and enjoying every day more in the process.

I’ve read quite a few productivity books, and I can say that this is a very solid list.

Dubo, who reads three books a month, says he wants to popularize bookselling in Somalia and to expand into other cities across the entire country. As a businessman, “I am looking at it from a profitability perspective,” he says. But as a Somali, he sees his venture as a socially responsible venture, enabling fellow Somalis “to grow through reading and nurture their talents.”

Bookselling finding a foothold in Somalia.

And the numbers are very damning. Out of 2,039 original stories published in 63 magazines in 2015, only 38 stories could be found that were written by black authors.

A survey of black authorship in science fiction shows that…well, it shows that black authors aren’t getting published much.

The West End show has been open to the public for several weeks but reviews have been embargoed until now.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child seems to be getting pretty positive reviews.