Buy Borrow Bypass: Steamy Romance

It’s August. It’s hot. You might as well give in and read some steamy romance.

Roller Girl Vanessa NorthRoller Girl by Vanessa North (f/f romance)

Sparks fly when a plumber and a personal trainer find themselves on the same roller derby team. Tina Durham’s wife left her and she’s trying to rebuild her life in Lake Lovelace, Florida. Roller derby gives Tina the chance to develop female friendships, a first since her transition. Coach Joe Delario didn’t realize she would fall for Tina when she recruited her, and doesn’t want to hurt team morale. Come for the romance, stay for Tina’s journey to independence and happiness.

Verdict: Buy

Alisha Rai Be My FantasyBe My Fantasy by Alisha Rai (m/f with BDSM elements)

Elizabeth Harding is the proper boss’s daughter by day, a perfect hostess and asset to her patrician family. By night, she’s Tess, investor in Club Prestige, a decadent nightspot run by women, where she enjoys letting her kinky side loose. Her father’s right hand man Luca Santos has wanted Elizabeth for years, but thinks she’s too sweet and vanilla for him. It’s not until he sees her as sultry Tess that he realizes they might be perfect in bed. If anyone can make office basement sex hot, it’s Alisha Rai, and boy does she.

Verdict: borrow, only because this is half a romance. You have to read Stay My Fantasy to get the HEA.

Downtown Devil Cara McKennaDowntown Devil by Cara McKenna (m/m/f)

A ménage with complex, diverse characters and a believable romance? Yes, please. I’ve never not liked a Cara McKenna book, and this is no exception. When photographer Clare asks sexy, carefree Mica, a barista, to pose for her, their attraction is explosive. And when she meets his EMT roommate Vaughn, a nurturing counterbalance to Mica, they become a threesome in every imaginable way. But they want to connect emotionally, and with different backgrounds and needs, it’s not easy. Erotic romance that’s at once dreamy fantasy and bittersweet reality.


“You like him?” he asked, dark eyes full of heat.


“You want him?”

She swallowed and spoke the truth. “I think I do.”

“You should have what you want,” he said simply, and lowered his mouth to her throat once more.

Verdict: Buy, but have a cold drink and a fan at the ready.