7 Books That Booksellers Are Recommending This Summer: Today in Critical Linking

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Are you on the hunt for your next great read? All Things Considered asked booksellers across the country to share recommendations for books that you can take with you on vacation — or just to the nearest shade tree.

Have seen a bunch of reading recommendations this summer, but All Things Considered got 7 Travel Reading Recommendations from the source of sources: booksellers.

In 6 August 1996, HarperCollins published a book it expected to sell around 5,000 copies in hardback. A tour in the US to mark publication of the novel, A Game of Thrones, saw “modest” turnouts of readers, admits its author George RR Martin. At one stop-off, in St Louis, that number fell to zero.

The saga of publishing a saga.

The closure of 29 publishers by the Turkish government has been condemned by the international publishing community, which described the move as outrageous and warned that it would have a “grave impact on democracy”.

I know very little about Turkish politics, less than little, but it sure is weird when after a coup attempt the government starts shutting down publishers. 

So why do books make it worse? Think about one of the most common cures for carsickness: looking out the window. Taking in visual proof that you’re moving is a great way to soothe your panicked brain. The reverse is also true: Focusing your eyes on a single, static object doubles down on the sensory mismatch and confirms your brain’s conclusion that something is very, very wrong. 

In case you ever wondered why reading in a car makes you motion sick.