Off-Panel: Authentic Blackness, #VisibleWomen, and John Lewis

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This is one of the blackest things that Marvel Comics has ever put out into the world. It’s not just super-black because of the cast and the story it tells. It’s super-black because of how it uses blackness to tell its story, peeling back layers of erased and redacted history to generate a fuller portrait of black humanity in the Marvel Universe.

This Gizmodo essay is an exquisite reminder of why representation matters.

 “I think the hashtag was a great way to show to people who might not think there are women in comics just how many there are. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone too which was really nice.”

A great round-up of the #VisibleWomen hashtag taking comics Twitter by storm.

“Where I had once been able to turn out three or four comics per month in addition to whatever else I was writing, now I struggled to write even one comic per month, and sometimes failed to get even that much done,” Straczynski wrote. “Some who followed my work assumed that the slowdown was due to a sloppy work ethic, or getting bored and waddling off. But the truth was that I simply couldn’t see the computer screen.”

J. Michael Straczynski talks about the visual impairment that led to his retirement from comics.

Warner Bros. may be letting a franchise slip through its fingers with these misfires, but DC is punching its biggest moneymakers in the face by testing fan devotion rather than rewarding it.

DC needs a good film, and they’re running out of chances with the audience.

Why DC needs a good movie, like, yesterday.

Book Three tells a story how people kept going, how people never gave up or gave in, in spite of the bombing of a church, the beating on the bridge as we had left church to march all the way from Selma to Montgomery.

John Lewis and his co-creators talk about the release of March: Book Three.

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