New Adaptation of The Phantom Tollbooth Coming: Today in Critical Linking

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Tristar Pictures plans to create a new film adaptation based on The Phantom Tollbooth. Michael Vukadinovich has been hired to write the screenplay.

I love the first film adaptation, but it does seem like it is ready for a reboot.

Thus, Trump’s Android account uses about 40-80% more words related to disgust, sadness, fear, anger, and other “negative” sentiments than the iPhone account does. (The positive emotions weren’t different to a statistically significant extent).

Statistical linguist analysis applied to political Twitter.

The new TV spot, called “Human Family,” runs a minute long and shows images and video recorded by many different people as Angelou, who died in 2014 at the age of 86, recites her “Human Family” poem. The ad, which is currently online at and YouTube, will air on television during the opening ceremonies.

Saw it last night. It’s a great spot.