Off-Panel: Valiant’s Faith and Hillary Clinton Team Up

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Don’t expect to see a lot of DC Comics’ Supergirl grieving and crying over the recent death of her cousin Superman. “It’s all about her legacy and her strength and her power, especially now that Clark is gone,” says writer Steve Orlando. “She would be an icon whether Superman existed or not, because of what she’s went through and because she’s come out stronger on the other side.”


The solution they reached was genius, as Squirrel Girl wins the majority of her fights not by being the best at punching, or by outsmarting her enemies, but by getting through to them on a personal level, with compassion and empathy.

A reflection on what makes Squirrel Girl so darned unbeatable.

Mary Jane’s whiteness isn’t an integral part of her story. What’s integral is her personality: her free-thinking approach to life and her willingness to assert herself, even back in the male-dominated ’60s. Even though she may not have superpowers, she’s an icon in her own right. When Zendaya appears as Mary Jane in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’ll make the statement that cultural icon status is for women of color, too.

Zendaya is playing Mary Jane and that’s just flipping fantastic news.

But in order for those perspectives to rise to the top of the pull list, comic book publishers have to first hire those writers, and while PoC writers can be found from the Big Two to the smallest of indie publishing houses, what’s missing are the women.

7 women of colour in comics who you can support with your attention and dollars.

“We knew we wanted to celebrate a historic election, we knew we wanted to encourage our readers to participate in the process and we knew that, as one of Valiant’s premier characters, Faith was a young woman tied into popular culture and the zeitgeist of both entertainment and serious news.”

Looks like Faith is With Her. (Who else would Faith be with, honestly?)

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