The 15 Best Places on the Internet for Book Lovers; Today in Critical Linking

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But the truth is that the internet has long been home to people who love books and all things literary, and has served as a virtual meeting place for book lovers from all over the world to get together and discuss and praise and debate the written word.

Some familiar sites on this list of the 15 Best Places on the Internet for Book Lovers, with one particular favorite.

The idea is for riders to download a short story or a chapter and read it on the train. Subway Reads will even let riders choose what to read based on how long they will be on the subway — a 10-page selection for a 10-minute ride, a 20-page selection for a 20-minute excursion, a 30-page selection for a 30-minute trip. Delays not included.

I like the idea of context-aware ways of getting people books, but matching the time of a commute to the time of a read just doesn’t seem that compelling.

The company says its new collaboration with Worldreader will see Amazon donating thousands of Kindle e-readers to developing nations. The two have worked together previously, however. For example, Amazon recently supported Worldreader’s LEAP 2.0 library partnership in Kenya, which reaches around 500,000 people by bringing digital reading to 61 libraries in the country.

Clearly, Amazon has an interest in making digital reading more widespread, but I just can’t seem to rouse my skepticism for efforts like this.