80 Books for Young Feminists: Today in Critical Linking

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Friend with young daughters asked about my fav books for/ about badass women, turns out I have 80 of them.

This reading list for young feminists goes all the way from board books to YA.

This is known as the “handwriting effect,” proved by Steve Graham at Arizona State, who found that “when teachers are asked to rate multiple versions of the same paper differing only in legibility, neatly written versions of the paper are assigned higher marks for overall quality of writing than are versions with poorer penmanship.” Typing levels the playing field.

Looks like it is time to stop worrying about handwriting.

Of course, many people who later became voracious readers started with Harry Potter and you can see the impact of those readers all over the book industry, but, I think the numbers suggest that they would likely have been voracious readers anyway, it’s just that Harry Potter got to them first. I think you can say the same for any of the worldwide bestsellers. I don’t think there’s any evidence that 50 Shades of Grey readers bought a lot of other books–even other books like 50 Shades of Grey. Some did, of course, but not nearly enough to have any meaningful impact on sales of any other books.

Super smash-hit bestsellers probably don’t expand the ranks of readers, and that’s probably OK.