Book Fetish: Volume 221

This week’s Book Fetish is sponsored by Book Riot Live, our two-day convention celebrating of books and the reading life! Get your tickets before August 31 and you’ll get both VIP perks and $20 off using code BOOKNERD.

Book Riot Live: You Want It, We've Got It

I Love Books Puzzle: We’ve all seen the massively complex puzzles of bookshelves that take forever to do. But here’s a bookish puzzle without any actual books on it. Trippy.


Book Dragon Mug: Be a motherfuckin’ dragon.

bookdragon mug

Whale T-Shirt: But don’t be a dick.

don't be a dick shirt

Read a Book Pin: Just do it already.

read a fucking book pin

Literary Tea Collection: Five blends based on your favorite literary classics? Pinkies out, please!

literary tea collection