8 Scientific Reasons That Reading is Amazing for You: Today in Critical Linking

It turns out that diving into a page-turner can also offer benefits toward your health and happiness. Here are eight smart reasons to read a real book.

I’ve linked to many of these 8 Scientific Reasons to Read a Book individually, but nice to have them all in one place for easy reference.

In a competitive situation, NBC has landed The Last Policeman, an adaptation of Ben H. Winters’ sci-fi mystery novel, with a put pilot commitment. Neal Moritz (Preacher) is producing. Sony TV, where Moritz’s Original Films is under an overall deal, is the studio.

Sci-fi cop show is a good idea that hasn’t found the right vehicle yet, but The Last Policeman just might fix that.

Discover is essentially a personalized recommendation system built directly into the Google Books app. It takes a look at what you’re reading, what you’ve read, and suggests books for you to read. Since it’s Google, it’ll also recommend books based on articles you read or videos you watch elsewhere in the app. 

No one does search and machine learning like Google, so can’t count this out. Still, never have seen a algorithm that gave recommendations half as good as even a moderately serious reader.