A New Book Delivery Train at the New York Public Library: Today in Critical Linking

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The new system – installed utilizing an innovative design developed by global design firm Gensler – consists of 24 individual red cars that run on rails and can seamlessly and automatically transition from horizontal to vertical motion. The cars pick up requested materials from the newly-expanded Milstein Research Stacks – which now have two levels that can hold up to 4 million research volumes – and deliver the materials to library staff in two locations.

A tiny-train that delivers books in one of the world’s great libraries. Hard to get much cooler than that.

In the blink of an eye, I’ve gone from being a book nerd in West Orange, New Jersey, to an Editor-in-Residence in New York City. I’ve always said that books have taken me on many adventures, but none of those adventures have been quite like this one. This isn’t a dystopian novel or a fantasy.

Marley Dias, of #1000blackgirlbooks fame, is now an editor at Elle.com. Well done.

A new study reveals that parents of pre-school children spend on average £6 per month on books for boys, 25% less than they spend on books for girls.

According to the Childwise Monitor Pre-school Report 2016, a survey of parents of 1,000 0-4 year-olds in the UK, parents of girls spend significantly more, £8 every month, than parents of boys.

Not sure what to make of this, but in the UK at least, parents say they spend more money on books for girls.