Book Fetish: More Bookish Enamel Pins

Since enamel pins are still all the rage, and I keep seeing so many cute bookish ones everywhere, here’s Round 2 of bookish enamel pins! Want more? Check out Molly’s previous round up.

Bellatrix Lestrange Enamel Pin

Just in time for Halloween, artist Hogan McLaughlin has his delectably devious Bellatrix Lestrange pin available for pre-order!

Scout's Ham Costume Enamel Pin

I’m sorry, but if this Scout’s Ham Costume pin from To Kill A Mockingbird doesn’t make you giggle then we can’t be friends.

Kurt Vonnegut So It Goes Enamel Pin

Show your Vonnegut pride with this “So it goes” pin.

I am, I am, I am Enamel Pin

The Bell Jar‘s perpetual popularity means that this “I am, I am, I am” pin will never go out of style.

Babel Fish Enamel Pin

If only this perfect Babel Fish pin could translate as well as the real thing, all of us intergalactic hitchhikers would be set. As long as we don’t forget our towels!

I'm not so weird to me Murakami Enamel Pin

Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle gets the pin treatment with this typewriter “I’m not so weird to me.” quote pin. Available in red or purple!

Book Wyrm Enamel Pin

Fantasy lovers should love this book-stealing “wyrm” pin from Andrew J. Brozyna.

Just One More Chapter Enamel Pin

The mantra of all book lovers everywhere: “Just one more chapter!

Wooden Book Brooches by Lucie Ellen

I’m making an exception to the enamel trend with these twee wooden book brooches by Lucie Ellen. Choose your favorite shade or buy them all for a rainbow smattering of bookish love on your lapel.

100 Years of Solitude Enamel Pin

Jane Mount, genius behind the Ideal Bookshelf project, makes pins too! There’s so many to choose from, like this 100 Years of Solitude pin.

Unicorns and Me by Lisa Simpson Enamel Pin

Bookish?   Unicorns? Lisa Simpson, personal hero of mine?  This pin featuring the wisest Simpson’s book Unicorns and Me is perfection.