First Shots of Belle in Live Action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Today in Critical Linking

We’ve not actually seen all that much from Disney’s upcoming remake of its animated classic Beauty and the Beast—but new images that have emerged today make up for it by basically being ripped straight out of the original movie.

Gotta say, the shot of Emma Watson as Belle in the library is pretty great.

In Other Words bookstore currently has a sign on its door reading, “Fuck Portlandia! Transmisogyny – Racism – Gentrification – Queer Antagonism – Devaluation of Feminist Discourse.”

In Other Words was featured in Portlandia and let’s just say they haven’t been thrilled by it.

Despite a wealth of literature about the Harlem Renaissance, including excellent biographies of Hurston and Hughes, their relationship has never been explored at length and in depth. Both writers distorted the facts of it in their autobiographies, and neither admitted therein how valuable their friendship had been. 

Great piece on the friendship of Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes.