The 10 Best Stephen King Adaptations: Today in Critical Linking

His works have been adapted dozens of times, but when it comes down to the best of the best, some really shine. Below are 10 of our favorite King adaptations.

It is a crime that The Shawshank Redemption isn’t #1 one this list of the 10 Best Stephen King adaptations.

Today, few people are likely to remember James Lackington (1746-1815) and his once-famous London bookshop, The Temple of the Muses, but if, as a customer, you’ve ever bought a remaindered book at deep discount, or wandered thoughtfully through the over-stocked shelves of a cavernous bookstore, or spent an afternoon lounging in the reading area of a bookshop (without buying anything!) then you’ve already experienced some of the ways that Lackington revolutionized bookselling in the late 18th century.

Nice little history of the progenitor of the big bookstore.

HarperCollins has launched BookGig, a “publisher agnostic” online events platform that aims to connect authors with new and existing readers following the growth in live author events.

The website features author events across the UK, giving details of talks, signings, Q&A sessions, readings and hands-on workshops.

Book-events are widely distributed, not widely promoted, and just in general damn hard to keep track of. Maybe this will help (in the UK at least).