17 Book-Inspired Pumpkins

Maybe you’re like me and you’re suddenly realizing you have NO Halloween decorations up and just a few hours before trick-or-treaters start making the rounds. Or you’ve carved a few pumpkins and are feeling wildly inadequate about your carving skills (me too). Or you’re looking for some bookish inspiration in order to start plotting your masterpieces for next year (which of course you’ll forget all about until Oct. 25th again).

Whatever your reason, here are 17 bookish pumpkins for your reading pleasure. Happy halloween, readers!

Keep it classic with the original literary vampire.

Gandalf will show you way to pumpkin glory.

Jump on the Pokemon bandwagon with a Pikachu and Pokeball pumpkin.

Calvin & Hobbes is never a bad place to take your inspiration.

Not just a witch, a Wicked witch.

Where the Wild Things Are is already about dressing up and rumpusing with monsters. Perfect for Halloween!

Or go big or go home.

Be part of not only literary pumpkin glory, but internet meme glory too.

If you don’t have a Harry Potter pumpkin, can you even call yourself a fan?

Winter is Coming (aka don’t forget to wear mittens when you go trick-or-treating!)

Or represent your favorite house. Lannister? Stark? Which will it be?

For the adults in the crowd, carve a 50 Shades of Gray pumpkin to really shock the neighbors.

Or an old-school (and devious looking) Harley Quinn.

If you like your pumpkins to be a little more YA-themed, start the waterworks with a Fault in Our Stars design.

For the hardcore YA fans, a Marie Lu Prodigy pumpkin.

Channel your inner Rainbow Rowell with a Fangirl pumpkin.

(Also apologies for burying the lede, but author Kate Hart offers pumpkin stencils for about a million YA novels.)

And last but not least – don’t feel like breaking out the knife? Create your own Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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