11 Awesome, Creepy, and WTF Vintage Comic Book Toys

While I was searching for 75 products in honor of Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary I came across a few products that were amazing but sadly super rare vintage collectables. Naturally I quickly found myself down the rabbit hole of vintage comic book toys and since sharing is caring here are 11 awesome, creepy, and wtf vintage comic book toys I came across.



These 1978 Wonder Woman safety scissors would have totally been awesome UNTIL you used them and Wonder Woman’s body ripped in half! And that screw in her neck is unfortunate placement.


Where as this Wonder Woman mirror, released the same year, managed to leave the creepy element out and just be awesome.


Holy Walkie Talkies, Batman! These Batman Communicators would fit perfect in a pillow fort Batcave.


Ahahahahaha*breathe*Ahahahah. This Batman water gun from the ’60s  either had a clueless designer or someone playing the will-they-notice-before-production game.


Thor on a pink scooter! I would so fight Sara Anderson (Adventures in Babysitting) for this toy–you know she had to have one!


Speaking of awesome toys this Superman Roll Over Plane Marx Windup (blue variety) apparently sold for $2,000 at auction! The heart wants what the heart wants.


Did I say pillow fort Batcave? What I meant to say was 1974 Batman Batcave Playset!


1966 Ideal hand puppets look like rubber heads on vinyl bodies and I would have put on so many shows! I’ve seen Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, Joker, and Superman. I want them all!


I’m gonna say this is gonna polarize people into either camp awesome or camp get-that-away-from-me: Hazelle Batman and Robin Marionettes.


It’s a Mr. Potato Head but of HULK’S HEAD!


Oh and Hulk also had an amazing helicopter toy–or shall I say incredible helicopter toy.


Well looks like everyone knows where my lotto winnings will go to.