A Library in the Oasis: El Biblioteca Abraham Valdelomar

We might be familiar with an oasis, either as a sort of place you stop to acquire snacks on a road trip or as the sort of mythical place that exists in a stretch of desert (my mind goes immediately to thinking about the classic Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons). But there is a real majesty in Peru’s Huacachina:


This Oasis is a tiny village, which has about 100 residents during the year but is a growing tourist destination in South America. People are curious about the town that rises from the middle of the desert, with lush trees and a lagoon.

But what’s really magical is that Huacachina is also home to an incredible little library.


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El Biblioteca Abraham Valdelomar was founded in 2003 by Alberto Benavidas Ganoza. Benavidas established it first as a personal library, which reflected his tastes and interests in philosophy, writing, farming, and culture. The collection has been added to since, increasing its numbers to somewhere near ten thousand titles.


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The library prides itself on being a center of cultural importance in Ica Region of Peru and one of the most valuable in Peru.


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via https://www.facebook.com/Biblioteca.Abraham.Valdelomar/

Pictured above is one of the prized collections in the Abraham Valdelomar Library: the letters and lectures published by Cátedra. In other words, these are hugely important works for the region and the library has the honor of housing and sharing them — a way to keep an important part of history accessible to locals and visitors to the region.


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via https://www.facebook.com/Biblioteca.Abraham.Valdelomar/



via https://www.facebook.com/Biblioteca.Abraham.Valdelomar/


Aside from being a gorgeous space, the library also functions as a place for local residents to hear storytellers and writers.


via https://www.facebook.com/Biblioteca.Abraham.Valdelomar/


And let’s be real: the view from the library outside isn’t too shabby, either.


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(Here comes the line everyone’s been waiting to be dropped)

Talk about a space that’s an Oasis in the desert.

You can learn a bit more about the Biblioteca Abraham Valdelomar on the library’s Facebook page, as well as see a few more pictures of their collection. Errors in translating Spanish from the few sources I could find about the library are my own.


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