Essential Items For A Bookish Sick Day

While sick days are awful when you’re forced to be at work or school no matter how ill you feel or how contagious you are, they can be a welcome disruption to your regularly scheduled program. For me, a sick day is one of few events that forces me to take some downtime. And what do we do with downtime? We read!

When spending a sick day in bed with a few books, it’s important to have a setup that encourages comfort, a sense of well-being, and an enjoyable reading experience. Curate your sick day stack of books and consider these accompaniments.



A soothing cup of tea is only a bookshelf away with NovelTea’s Matcha Do About Nothing book-shaped tea tin. Matcha has been praised for its antioxidant and calming properties, and NovelTea’s matcha has the added benefit of being caffein- free (which means you might not get to the end of that page, but it’s probably better to get plenty of rest). The best part: when you’re done with the tea, you can hoard precious items like travel Kleenex, medicine, and lip balm in the tin! Find even more bookish teas here.



Evie Seo sells tons of book-themed fleece throws that will warm your bookish heart and protect you from the chills. This Currently Reading throw is adorable and machine washable, so don’t forget to boil the germs off after the quarantine is lifted from your home. Here’s more on bookish blankets.

Reading Pillow


You may be vulnerable and physically weakened, but here’s a way to fortify yourself against the cold, cruel world: surround yourself with pillows. There’s really no need to add the dagger edge of a book spine to your list of pains, or to strain yourself to keep the book open. This book reading pillow generously holds your page for you, keeps your legs comfy, and includes an accessory pocket to store a pen, small notebook, reading glasses, and more.



Aromatherapy is a great tool for lifting the mood and helping you relax into a good book. That is, if you have even a modicum of olfactory ability left. If you do, turn to Hi Wildflower, a maker of botanical products, and a company founded by Tanwi Nandini Islam, author of Bright Lines. The site offers numerous scents to choose from, but something about the cedar and pine notes of Quietude in the Himalayan Foothills sounds perfect for recovery and reading.

Now read on and feel better!

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