Why Shah Rukh Khan Should Play Wolverine

We’re all wondering who’s going to play the next Wolverine after Hugh Jackman—after all, even if they take awhile to recast the role, it’s too popular of a character to not have on screen. Though I’m on board for a female actor to be cast as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has someone different in mind: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Now, you all might not be familiar with SRK, but…everything about this is amazing. So let me just show you why SRK would actually make an incredible Wolverine.

Yep yep, he’s got the abs:

He can’t really wink but THAT IS OKAY. A sultry blink is good too:

He can balance atop a moving train:

He’s got great hair:

He’s not afraid to cry (and he can do it on cue):

He’s a goofball (but also really sweet):

He can rock a pair of sunglasses:

Also A+++ beard grower:

He can work with knives:

He can probably do his own stunts (dancing is dangerous, y’all!):

He knows how to make an entrance:


Oh yeah, and most importantly, HE CAN DANCE (because this is vital to playing Wolverine of course. Hugh Jackman could dance.):


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