22 Pieces of Flair To Show How Much You Love Books

Everyone probably already knows how much you love books. You’re always reading a book. You can usually be found in a library or a bookstore. You’ve got a paperback in one hand and a Kindle in the other. Maybe, though, you want to make double-extra-sure that everyone knows what you’re about–or, maybe you just want to buy yourself a little something nice. I don’t know your life, but I do know that these pins, buttons, and patches can be attached to just about everything you own to show an absolute commitment to being the person who loves books a whole bunch.

Here we go!

First, Cat Book Coffee Enamel Pin from boygirlparty on Etsy. LOOKIT THE KITTY (dissolves into a puddle of cat love)

A Read More pin from Fable and Black. AKA, what we’d always like to be doing.

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This “Books Are Cool” pin fron Kristen Barnhart (kbillustration) on Etsy because DAMN RIGHT, THEY ARE!

A tattoo-esque patch from milestogoclothing on Etsy keeps it simple and direct: you. Love. Books.

An “I read past my bedtime” button from Boho Button Shop on Etsy because this is us, every damn day.

This lapel pin/tie tack from Skull and Hawk on Etsy is neat and also has a lot of dimension. An excuse for me to start wearing ties? *strokes chin*

Yes, hi, I would like one of each of these bookish buttons from featherinthecap on Etsy.

Stationery Bicycles on Etsy wants people to get lost… in a book! Or to get lost while they’re reading books. It can go either way with their Get Lost enamel pin.

If you always, always, ALWAYS prefer the book, say it loud and proud with this “The Book Was Better” patch from Punkypins on Etsy.

I’m also real into this punky “Let’s talk about books” button from Sootmegs on Etsy.

AND HOW CUTE IS THIS ONE: Book Bandits Reader Gang from Taylor Two on Etsy. How do I get to join a reader gang?! Am I already in one?

How much do I want this books and tea enamel pin from IceyDesigns on Etsy? A WHOLE LOT, that’s how much.

Another cat-themed enamel pin that gets to the point: “Go Away, I’m Busy” from loafandpuddle on Etsy. Busy reading, natch.

If you want to bulk up your flair collection quickly, you can get TEN of these babies from Distinct Designs Unlimited on Etsy. TEN!

I love Vice Versa Press’s whole Etsy shop, but I’m especially in love with this canvas book patch and I want to know how to get it frayed like that.

Goodnight Boutique on Etsy has a dope AF Shakespeare pin.

How adorable is this bookstore pin from Andrew Brozyna (RatherKeen) on Etsy? I can’t even stand how much I like it.

Keep it hella classy with this stack of books pin from CraftedByConLou on Etsy.

Send a CARD with a patch to your favorite book-lovin’ friend (or just, you know, keep it for yourself) with this Book Worm Club patch and card from Constellation & Co on Etsy.

Get a sew-on patch from Krause Kreation with the text of “The Raven” in the FORM OF A RAVEN.

You could give your favorite librarian this “libraries save lives” pin from Robot Redux on Etsy. Or you could just wear it to the library. Or both!

Or finally, get ready for Towel Day on May 25 by picking up this Hitchhiker’s Guide-themed pin from fairycakes on Etsy.

I know, I know, I didn’t quite make it to 37 pieces of flair–but the minimum is 15! 22 is okay, right?

Aw, shit. Stan is judging my lack of flair. (FOX)

PS, WE ALSO HAVE PINS FOR SALE right here at Book Riot. Click on through to the other side.