Atwood’s Alias Grace Coming to Netflix: Critical Linking, May 22, 2017

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Following the enormous success of The Handmaids Tale, Netflix is bringing another of Margaret Atwood’s novels to the small screen—only this time, it’s a work of historical fiction as opposed to a dystopian saga.

Based on a true crime, Alias Grace tells the story of the infamous Grace Marks, an Irish immigrant and domestic servant in Toronto who was found guilty of brutally murdering her employers in the 1840s.

Guess I should find my copy and finally read it!

A southwestern Ontario school board has opted to make a native-focused literature class mandatory after finding the books were more interesting and engaging to students than the classics.

The program began as an optional English course for high school students at the Lambton Kent District School Board, which was tested for a few years to gauge interest. The curriculum was first created in 2000, but has since been updated and fine-tuned.

This is pretty awesome.

Pour a cup of coffee and cut a slice of cherry pie — more Twin Peaks is on the way.

Another Twin Peaks book will hit shelves on Halloween, co-creator Mark Frost confirmed to EW Friday night at the premiere of the highly anticipated series revival.

Twin Peaks fans, a new reason to be happy!