Right Wing Trolls Attack Kid Lit Publisher’s Facebook Page: Critical Linking, July 15, 2017

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A few weeks ago Triangle Square Books for Young Reader’s Facebook page was attacked by a wave of conservative homophobes. That the attacks and one-star ratings were instigated by a blogger who once videotaped herself eating bacon while ranting about Islamic terrorists was hideous enough. But the fact that she chose to egg on her followers with homo- and transphobic language during Pride Week was particularly galling. We debated about how to respond: send our own fleet to bomb her site? Thank posters for their opinions or call them out for bigotry? A constructive conversation between our two sides, as it were, seemed wildly optimistic at best.

Last week MRAs did the same thing to a feminist bookstore’s page: guess this is where they put their impotent rage now.

Steve Brown was working his shift at Olsson’s Bookstore in Washington, D.C. in the spring of 1985 when he heard his name come over the store intercom. There was a call waiting for him.

When Brown picked up the telephone, he heard a voice ask, “Steve Brown? This is Steve King. Okay, you know I’m Bachman, I know I’m Bachman, what are we going to do about it? Let’s talk.”

Great story about how Stephen King’s pen name was discovered.

Through video, interactive exercises, and storytelling, Govan and Hollins will illustrate how implicit racial stereotypes can influence attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs about others and create barriers to genuine relationships. The workshop also aims to help booksellers understand the factors that create a sense of welcoming in an independent bookstore, from the inventory to the diversity of staff members, as well as how implicit biases — whether about race, gender, age, or disability status — come into play in creating such an environment for staff and customers.

The ABA is offering a fall workshop for booksellers about inclusion and bias!