The Buzziest Books of 2017 So Far: Critical Linking, July 21, 2017

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2017 has been a great year for book lovers so far. From new releases by our favorite writers to wonderful breakout books and genre-bending novels, the list of popular books in 2017 keeps growing. We’ve compiled a list of books getting the most buzz so far this year, along with their publishers’ descriptions.

The year’s buzziest books–have you read any?

Trailer for the upcoming biopic of the man who invented Wonder Woman (and his controversial-at-the-time polygamous lifestyle).

A campaign to promote Northern Ireland to Game of Thrones fans isn’t settling for guided tours and tacky souvenirs. Tourism Ireland has debuted its latest Game of Thrones tribute: a giant woven tapestry that highlights every episode in the series in meticulous detail. And with every new episode, the tapestry will grow… reaching 250 feet in length by the end of the show.