Library Carts I Will Own When I Win the Lottery

You know when you’re bored and you aimlessly type “book storage ideas” into the Google search bar and then you’re 16 pages deep into pictures of gorgeous home libraries and public libraries and just all the libraries ever?

And then you’re looking at library carts and telling yourself you need one, just one, even though you’re not a librarian and don’t have any need for scooting books around your apartment?

No? Okay, well, I did the searching for you. And, boy, do we have variety.

The standard:

The handy:

The fancy:

The ideal:

The classroom:

The skinny:

The affordable:

The minimalist:

The one for picture books:

The colorful:

The one that kinda looks like a bar cart:

The purple:

The mushroom:

The wannabe:

The steel:

The reality:

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