Libraries Are The Real Punk Rock: Critical Linking, July 30, 2017

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At thirteen, I didn’t know whether or not I loved my country, but I knew that I loved libraries. And if working in a library meant that I could help people by connecting them to whatever they wanted or needed to know without judgment, then maybe I could make this country a better place for We The Fucked. Maybe we could help each other out. Maybe we could help each other find a way out.

If your heart doesn’t grow in size after reading this love letter to libraries, then read it again. 


On my old shelves, my books were organized into four broad genres: fiction, nonfiction, plays, and poetry. Fiction was arranged by date published, nonfiction by subject area, and plays and poetry were not in any particular order. On my new shelf, I stuck with my broad genres, and within each one, I kept things simple and organized everything alphabetically. Boring, but effective. But part of the fun of reorganizing your books is considering all your options, so here are 10 organizational strategies for the next time you find yourself in the throes of moving, decluttering, or, if you’re anything like me, procrastinating.

I’m in the midst of a long book reorganization project, so any/all posts about ways to arrange your books speak to me. Here are 10 ideas. 


This is rad.


Fantasy has been around for millennia.

Yet some eras in that time have seen explosive growth when it comes to interest in the genre. The 1980s is one of those times. Before it, science fiction dominated the speculative fiction publishing world — and even then, few SF writers were being published compared to today. It was an exciting time for fantasy writers, their publishers, and of course readers.

How did this happen? Things began to change in the mid ’70s.

This list is super white, but with the uptick in how cool the 80s are now, worth sharing.