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Bookish Accessories For Your Car

My husband spotted the best number plate frame (license plate frame) recently. Across the top it said, ‘If this is the most you’ve read today’, and across the bottom was, ‘GO TO THE LIBRARY’. It was a rather brilliant number plate frame, and it made me wonder–what other great bookish car accessories are out there? I went searching, and these are some of the goodies that I found:

book license plate frameBooks in a row number plate/licence plate frame, in case having real bookshelves lined with books isn’t enough.

jane austen car decal
Jane Austen car decal
. ‘You Have Bewitched Me Body and Soul’. I personally like this more than the stick figure families I see everywhere… This is far more romantic.

harry potter sun shade
Harry Potter sun shade
! I love this one. Pop this one up in your car and yourself right into The Chamber of Secrets.

game of thrones air freshener

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Keep your car smelling fantastical with this  One Ring to Rule Them All air freshener.

harry potter license plate frame
In case the bookshelf number plate frame wasn’t your thing, how about this Ministry of Magic one? Even if it doesn’t fly, I wouldn’t mind driving an Authorised Muggle Vehicle.

harry potter car decal
Finally, a sticker to proudly declare where you truly belong: ‘Just a Hogwarts Girl Living in a Muggle World’ decal.

These things won’t make your four-wheeled vehicle quite as awesome as a Nimbus 2000 or a Firebolt, but they are some cool ways to advertise your bookish ways. Safe driving!