9 Bookish Clocks to Help Track Your Reading Time

I’ve always been fascinated by analog clocks. I love watching the hands move, I love hearing the tick-tock in the background of everyday life, and I love getting a peek at the gears inside. But you don’t have to be a clock fanatic (just a book fanatic, ha) to appreciate these bookish clocks that’ll count the hours you spend reading.

book clock 1

This simple clock with a black and white photo of a stuffed bookshelf as a background.


book clock little women

This clock features a quote by author Louisa May Alcott.


book clock peter pan

This Etsy seller creates clocks out of actual books! I’d also suggest browsing through their whole shop for all kinds of beautiful book art.


book clock 2

Here’s another Etsy shop with book clocks, but of a different style.


book clock lord of the rings

One clock to rule them all


deathly hallows clock

This gorgeous and intricate Deathly Hallows clock would be welcome in any book lover’s home.


game of thrones clock

This clock shows support for your favorite house in Westeros. (Targaryen and Lannister versions are also available.)


wonder woman clock

A Wonder Woman clock for comics fans.


comic book clock

Every one of these superhero origami clocks is unique as they are made from actual comic book pages.

(Find more bookish goods and gifts at Book Fetish.)