Bookishness in Your Feed: 3 Beautiful Bookstores to Follow on Instagram

Bookstores are great. Instagram is great. Why not combine the two?

There are heaps of amazing bookstores to follow on Instagram (not to mention authors and publishers and book bloggers and Book Rioters…) but for this post I decided to narrow it down to three of the best bookstores Instagrams.

These stores are beautiful on their own, but they are also great at Instagram, giving us a little glimpse into the life of the bookstore whether we live next door or a gajillion miles away.

So without further ado, please check out three of my very favorite bookstores to follow on Instagram: one in California, one in Michigan, and one on a blue and white island in the Mediterranean.

Bart’s Books

Bart’s Books is an open air bookstore in California that closes every day at sundown. They post lots of bright, California-y pictures of their awesome bookstore. Also their cat.


Follow Bart’s: @bartsbooksojai

Literati Bookstore

Literati Bookstore is an independent bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan and they are so great at Instagram. Expect pictures of their beautiful bookstore (inside and out), typewritten notes and sayings from their poetic customers, and of course, books.


Follow Literati: @literatibookstore

Atlantis Books

Last but not least, Atlantis Books is a stunning little bookstore in Oia, Santorini, Greece. Follow for the books, and for the blue, blue water.

Follow Atlantis: @atlantisbooks

There are, of course, so many more… from Shakespeare and Company in Paris to Books Actually in Singapore to the Strand in NYC. If you just can’t get enough, check out this post of 50 Beautiful Bookstores on Six Continents or browse this extensive list of The Best of Bookish Instagram.