Banned Books (Fashion) Week

It is the 35th anniversary of Banned Books Week, which was launched in 1982 in response to the increased number of books being challenged in schools, libraries, and bookstores. Although some take issue with “celebrating” banned books, we all understand the powerful words within these books. As rioting bibliophiles who always support the right to read, this week is the perfect time to read one of the banned and challenged classics. If you’re looking to show that you stand against censorship and stand out in the crowd when it comes to your reading material, why not add some banned books to your wardrobe? There are plenty of goodies available at the Book Riot Store, and below are a few more finds from Etsy.

George Orwell 1984 Book Cover Earrings: The only time you’ll be okay with Big Brother watching you is when he sees you rocking these adorable earrings.

1984 earrings

“I Read Banned Books” Enamel Pin: You can literally say it with your chest when you put this adorable lapel pin on that cute sweater you just bought.

banned books pin

Alice in Wonderland Dress: If you show up late to the tea party, all will be forgiven because no one will be able to stay mad at you in this lovely literary frock.

alice in wonderland dress

Harry Potter Patronus Charm/Hogwarts Crest Shoes: Slip on these shoes and immediately become The Boy Who Lived and go destroy some horcruxes.

harry potter shoes

Miniature Classic Banned Books Charms: Everyone will be looking at the flick of your wrists when you add these mini book charms to your charm bracelet.

banned book charms

Great Gatsby Handbag: Channel your inner Daisy Buchanan and carry your secret stash of booze to the next roaring 20’s party you’re crashing in this book cover handbag.

great gatsby handbag
If you are looking for more banned books home decor, accessories, and clothing, then check out the Book Fetish of Banned Books Week’s past and Book Fetish: Volume 178.