Channeling Ms. Frizzle: I Got My Dream Job and I’m Dressing the Part

I didn’t plan to end up with Ms. Frizzle as my fashion icon, but life takes you where you didn’t know you wanted to go. I’ve been a teacher of kindergarten and first grade students for the past ten years. Dressing to work in an elementary school can be tricky- you’re balancing professional attire with the knowledge that you’re going to get painty, sticky, and sweaty. Different administrations have different expectations of dress code, and some administrations change frighteningly often. It’s a lot to keep up with. I’ve done a mishmash of styles over the years, experimenting with khakis and “dress jeans” and LuLaRoe leggings. I’ve made it work and even stayed pretty comfortable.

This year, however, I leveled up and became the Media Specialist for my elementary school, a dream of mine for YEARS. Teaching weekly lessons to every classroom in the school, working closely with the PTO, and being near the office means I’m much more visible, and also feel a little pressure to step up my wardrobe game. I’m not going to run kindergarten storytime or dash to set up two computer labs before my bus duty in pantyhose, so that type of “professional attire” was out. I needed flats, full skirts, and easy outfits (there’s a lot going on outside of my fashion challenges), so I finally took the leap and went full Frizzle. Dresses with magnets, dinosaurs, and hedgehogs. Brightly colored skirts, polka dots, and a mess of enamel pins. Add a messy bun (Frizzle style), and you have my daily attire.

It’s pretty much a hit. I get a lot of compliments along the lines of “WHERE do you GET this stuff?” It’s also taken me several years to collect some of the more expensive pieces, but I find pricey dresses, especially, are worth it. A dress is an outfit you never have to match! Although I don’t think The Friz takes too much of her life worrying about matching. She’s in field trip mode. Below are some of the pieces I have and some I wish I did- the perfect starter kit if you’re ready for a fashion icon like Ms. Frizzle.

Oh My Gosh A Line Dress In Dinos– Works for a prehistoric history unit or any day that needs a little flair. See it also in bats (and cats and planes and more).


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One Track Mind Socks– These pulled up and worn with a brightly colored pair of sneakers add a Frizzle-esque twist to a simple denim skirt.


Heart and Solar System A Line DressI’ve gotten requests for this to be worn during a unit on planets. Another little (awesome) girl asked me if the Tardis was on there somewhere. A convo starter for sure.


Galaxy Print Converse– Speaking of stars, these were a Christmas gift a few years ago and I am plainly obsessed. I wear these with black leggings almost constantly in the fall and early spring. They seem REALLY hard to find now, so I feel lucky.


Short Sleeved Knit Top with Dots I feel like this is beginner’s funky, but looooove how it looks tucked into the burgundy skirt. Those, Oxfords, too, would Frizzle up any outfit.


Where the Wild Things Are Enamel Pin SetThe Frizz was all about the STEM subjects, but I’m a children’s librarian, so a few well-placed accessories are needed to steer my look back into the book world.


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