E.L. James to Release New Fifty Shades of Grey Book: DARKER

Let me guess: When you sat down and got comfortable (and then exceedingly uncomfortable), to read Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James, your first thought after…finishing…was, “Gee whiz! You know what I really want? This book from the Christian’s point-of-view!”

Well, Fifty Shades fans, keep calm because you’re getting your deepest, darkest desire. (And it’s not even Hump Day yet!)

E.L. James to Release FIFTY SHADES DARKER, As Told By ChristianDarker, Christian’s take on the events of Fifty Shades Darker will hit (literally, but consensually) bookshelves and digital libraries everywhere November 28, 2017. Grey, the original Fifty Shades book written from the perspective of Mr. Grey, was published in 2015 and fans have been “clamoring for a continuation of the series.” And frankly, fans deserve the release. It’s not polite to tease.

“This new book is full of surprises,” said Anne Messitte, Publisher of Vintage/Anchor Books, “Readers are going to see a darker and more haunted version of Christian’s character. Fans of the series will have much to discover and even more to discuss.” Are we going to find out Christian is actually fifty-one shades of fucked up and we’ve been lied to this entire time? #PleaseTellMeMore #Riveting #FakeNews.

If you need a literary douche, Fifty Shades Darker chronicles the reunion of Christian and Ana, while they deal with Christian’s former Dominant and his shaky past that has made him the controlling and closed-off man he is today. Going along with this pattern, it can be assumed that we’ll get Fifty Shades Freed from Christian’s POV as well. James really knows how to give it deeper and darker.

Jokes aside, Christian does have a horrendous past and more detail about his experiences and fighting his feelings for Ana does promise to be a compelling read. “The inside of Christian Grey’s head is a fascinating place to be,” said James in the official press release for Darker. And if that’s your toy of choice, no judgment. You do you.

Personally? Well, my tastes are very singular, and I will not be venturing back into Christian’s Red Room of Pain. Laters, baby.

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