An Olive Garden Fan Fiction Challenge is Happening: Critical Linking, October 13

Sponsored by Earth Hates Me: True Confessions from a Teenage Girl by Ruby Karp

Computational social scientist David Masad was the first entrant; his tale of Deborah, a woman who discovers the joys of experiencing Olive Garden as a kind of cosmic waystation, has no title, but includes this gem:

“You have to eat something.”

“Excuse me?” Deborah spun around, flustered and closing thedoor behind her.

“You have to eat something first,” the man repeated. He was older, with the ball cap and windbreaker over a tucked-in shirt that could have made him 60 or 90. “Then you’ll find what you’re looking for.”


When I was counting the 2016 books, I was initially surprised to find that more books about cisgender girls were published than about cisgender boys. However, upon closer examination of the data I realized I hadn’t fully understood the situation.

An analysis of the number and type of LGBTQ YA being published.

Following the extensive and continuing accounts of alleged sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein, on Thursday Hachette Book Group announced that they are finished with Weinstein Books, both as a publishing partner and a moniker. (The line was acquired as part of their purchase of the Perseus Books Group.)

No more Weinstein imprint.

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