16 Bookish Halloween Costumes for You and Your Baby

We at Book Riot have already introduced you to some adorable bookish baby costumes, but this time the adults get to join in the fun! Feast your eyes and get inspired by these 15 bookish halloween costumes for you and your baby.

AlaDdin, Jasmine and Abu:


calvin and hobbes


wonder woman, batman, and robin


cruella de vil and a dalmation


professor sprout and a mandrake


wolverine and x23!


peter pan and tinkerbell


winnie-the-pooh and his pot of honey


curious george and the man with the yellow hat


harry potter and dobby


harry potter and hedwig


the mad hatter and the cheshire cat


luke, leia, and yoda!


Charlotte’s Web!


Gamora and Rocket Raccoon!


Rapunzel and the tower