25 Perfectly Bookish Lip Balms You Need To Get On Your Face

Books are fun. A bag full of beautifully-scented chapsticks and lippies? Also fun (especially during moisture-wrecking winter). So, I decided to combine the two and found so many great, pun-tastic bookish lip balms to choose from. Like “As I Shea Dying” and “Tarte of Darkness.” *giggle snorts*

Gird your wallets, or don’t. These bookish treats are less than $5 each and I certainly won’t judge you if you decide buy all 25 of them. One for almost every day of the month?

25 Perfectly Bookish Lip Balms You Need To Get On Your Face | BookRiot.com


YA and classics–inspired bookish lip balms from Lit Balms (they’ve got loads to choose from—this is only a sample)

The Cruel Prince red wine and fruit lip balm, inspired by Holly Black’s book


Bookish Lip Balms | BookRiot.com


Pun-tastic bookish lip balms from Read My Lips Apothecary 


And finally, because a list on bookish lip balms wouldn’t be complete without it, Snows Cut Soaps’s stylish butterscotch-flavored Butterbeer lip balm

Bookish Lip Balms | BookRiot.com

Did I miss any of your favorite literary lip balms? Hit the comments to share your favorites. Or, if you want more bookish self-care items, check out “Essential Items for a Bookish Sick Day.”