Watch the Trailer for A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES TV Series: Critical Linking, June 27

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by William Morrow.

The television series will air in the UK later this year—no word yet on a U.S. platform or release date.

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Everyone loves a list—especially a list of books. To that end, people (including certain people at a nice place called Literary Hub) are always asking famous writers to give them lists of books they love, and famous writers are always doing it, because again, who doesn’t like a list of books, and especially when those books are your own favorites, and you get to talk about them again. While considering the proliferation of the high-profile literary listicle, I started wondering which books famous authors most often touted among their favorites. And as often happens, once I started wondering, I soon knew I was in for some math.

Pulled from 68 lists made by famous classic and contemporary authors.