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The Surprising Story of Napoleon’s Stepdaughter: A Sandra Gulland Interview

Sandra Gulland has made her name writing literary adult fiction about the Napoleonic era of French history. Her internationally best-selling Josephine B. Trilogy explores the life of Josephine Bonaparte, Napoleon's wife. These books were followed by Mistress of the Sun and The Shadow Queen, both set in the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King. This month sees publication of her first YA novel The Game of Hope. In this new book, Gulland shifts her focus to Josephine's daughter (and Napoleon's stepdaughter), Hortense. With a younger protagonist comes a new type of story, this time aimed at a teenage audience. Sandra joined...Continue Reading

Who Killed Krypton? Who Cares?

We’re now more than halfway through Man of Steel, the weekly miniseries written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by a slew of artists including Joe Prado, Ivan Reis, Doc Shaner, and Ryan Sook, and meant to kick off the new “Bendis era” of Superman stories, as per his new exclusive contract with DC. I’ve been enjoying the series so far, but I’ve got one big problem with it - one that lies at the heart of the story. [Minor spoilers for Man of Steel #1-4 below.] The main villain in Man of Steel is a new character named Rogol...Continue Reading

Short Story Cycle Favorites and Recommendations

A short story cycle can go by many names, but whether you call them story sequences, composite novels, or something else entirely, they are one of my favorite literary forms. While there is some seriously hot debate about the official definition of the term (behold the power of literary nerds!) for the purposes of a list of my favorite short story cycles, we’re going to use a pretty simple definition: It is a book of short stories in which the stories are interlinked. The difference between the collection of short stories in a short story cycle and the chapters in...Continue Reading

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