21 Ways to Organize Your TBR Pile

It was John Mulaney that famously said “Nothing feels as good as cancelling plans.” Which is true, but a close second is procrastination. And what better example of satisfying procrastination is there outside of a To Be Read Pile or List. If you’re overwhelmed, underwhelmed or whelmed, and don’t know how to get a start on all those book recs you have in a stack next to your bed, we’ve compiled a set of possible organization strategies to finally tackle it… Or to at least feel productive while you procrastinate reading. Here are 21 ways to organize your TBR pile!

1. Most Recent Release to Oldest

Keeps you in the loop, at least at first, of popular literature.

2. Oldest Release to Newest
Chronological arrangements are an oldie, but a goody.

3. Alphabetical, by last name of author.
Because secretly, you want to work in a library anyway.

4. Reverse alphabetical, by first name of author.
For the contrarian who thrives in a little bit of chaos.

5. ROYGBIV by spine color.

Aesthetically pleasing while piled on your chair is really what we’re going for here.

6. Ordered by number of letters in the title.
For those of you who want a method to this madness.

7. Numerically by ISBN.
Required – a magnifying glass to see those tiny numbers.

8. Prioritized by the number of Twitter followers the author has.
Take that classic literary writers! Welcome to the age of the Meme Wars!

9. Prioritized by how much you like the person who recommended it.
Elena in accounting who always has a spare allergy pill for your runny nose, FIRST! Elizabeth that takes the last cookies at the office, second to last.

10. Prioritized by how hot the main character sounds.
This may or may not have been how I have been organizing my to be read pile


Now Get to Reading!