What’s Your New Ears Resolution?

Let’s talk about your new ears! Did you opt to become a pointy-eared elf? You’ll clean house at the next cosplay event! Or did you go for some big old elephant flappers? You’ll be soaring like a southbound pachyderm in no time! Or maybe, I’m just being silly, and what we’re really gathered here today to talk about is what AUDIOBOOKS you could be listening to!

12 Audiobooks To Listen To On Your Work Commute So You Can Sound Smart

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, since I spend at least an hour in the car every work day. In 2017, I resolved to read more nonfiction. After nearly dozing off in the middle of a couple much-loved memoirs, I quickly realized I should stick to books that teach me interesting stuff. I love books that help me understand our world a little better. (Not that memoirs can’t do that, but they don’t work for me.) Here are a dozen nonfiction audiobooks for commuters to help you understand more about topics in social science, biology, economics, history, physics, politics,...Continue Reading

15 Audiobook Memoirs Written (and Read) by LGBTQ Authors

I wasn't a big fan of memoirs until I discovered audiobooks. Now I can't get enough of them. In fact, I rarely read memoirs in print anymore. I've come to crave that extra dimension of hearing a person tell their own story. A good audiobook narrator adds emotional depth to the work, and when it is the author narrating, it can be especially poignant. Here are fifteen LGBTQ audiobook memoirs that I've loved, all narrated by the author. These LGBTQ audiobook memoirs cover a lot of territory. Some of them have to do with being queer, and some of them don't....Continue Reading

3 On A YA Theme: Award-Winning YA Audiobooks For Summer Listening and Beyond

We're giving away $500 to spend at the bookstore of your choice! Dream about what you'd buy while listening to these award-winning YA audiobooks. Click here, or on the image below to enter:   June is audiobook month, and what better way to dive into summer reading than with some award-winning YA audiobooks? These listens are the perfect way to catch up on your YA reading, as well as a way to enjoy the work of some of the best audiobook narrators in the business.     I've combed through the Odyssey Award winning audiobooks, as well as the Audie Award...Continue Reading