20+ Adaptations Worth Streaming During Your Holiday Vacay

The holiday season is near. Hopefully that means you’ll get some much needed time away from school, work, or whatever else keeps you from enjoying the things you really want to do, like spending an afternoon in an extreme streaming marathon. Speaking of streaming marathons, we have rounded up some of the best book adaptations worth streaming.

So … borrow a friend’s password, grab some snacks, and get comfy because you are going to be up late with all these worthwhile shows. Stream early and stream often, bookish friends. If you choose your adaptations wisely, then you may find yourself preferring the TV adaptation over the source material. *Gasp!*

5 Adaptations worth streaming on Amazon Prime

If you are only using your Amazon Prime membership to get packages delivered to the trunk of your car delivered while you’re sleeping delivered within 1-2 days, then it is time to download the Prime Video App and get to streaming. Don’t know where to start? No worries! We have a few adaptations you should definitely add to the must-watch list.

The ABC Murders

The adaptation of The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie can easily be watched during one lazy afternoon. Originally broadcast over three consecutive nights on BBC One, the three-episode series is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

John Malkovich takes a spin as Hercule Poirot trying to solve the murders committed by the A.B.C. Killer. Although Malkovich garnered much praise for his performance, the literary license taken with the adaptation upset many fans of the original story. We would love to know how Christie Stans would grade this adaptation.

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