21 Pieces of Franz Kafka Book Fetish

I do not have the metrics to back this one up, but based on my perusing alone, I think it’s safe to say that I am not alone in my love for Franz Kafka, puns about Kafka and/or his work, nor bookish goods dedicated to all things Kafkaesque. Last year, I did a cover round-up of looks for The Metamorphosis that dove a little more into why I love that book and Kafka so much.


It seems only natural to spread some more from the book of Kafka with a round-up of Kafka goods you can own. Some of these items are pricey, one-of-a-kind goods, while others are more affordable treats to wear on your person or display in your home.


The Metamorphosis Bookclutch, $250.

Category ID: 914



But First, Kafka mug, $16.



Kafka Coaster, a replica of his art, $10.



Gregor Samsa Button, $1.50 and up.



Franz Kafka Onesie, $19.99.



Franz Kafka Quote Print, $12.62 and up.



The Trial Book Envelopes, $2.21 and up.



1″ Buttons, Set of 10, $12.50.



Hand-Painted Silk Kafka Scarf, $54.



Kafka Art, $65.06 and up.



Kafka Leather Wallet Phone Case, $16.90.



Kafka Bug Legs Tee, $25 and up.



Metamorphosis Brooch, $12.62.



Kafka Necktie, $24.00.



Kafka Notebook, $11.03.



Kafka Tote Bag, $8.82.



Kafka Book Quote Print, $24.



Kafka Leather Wrist Wrap, $20.



Set of Pins with Kafka’s Illustrations, $4.49.


Kafka Pest Control Services Mug, $14 and up.



Kafka Cameo Necklace, $16.54 and up.