23 Valentine’s Day Cards for Book Lovers

I have a bit of an obsession with vintage greeting cards, especially Valentine’s Day cards. There are some really creepy what-were-they-thinking gems and, always my favorite, there are tons of book themed cards. Unfortunately (in regards to the awesome bookish cards) while you can sometimes find a seller offering a used one it’s not the same as having the option to purchase it new from a store or artist. Which is how I always end up searching for current Valentine’s Day cards for book lovers like me! Last year I rounded up 20 bookish Valentine’s cards and this year I found 23 new literary Valentine’s cards for those who like to show their love for books as much (probably more) as their love for people.

23 Valentine's Day Cards for Book Lovers | BookRiot.com

Dr. Seuss™ itty bittys® Greetings Valentine Card

Mr. Darcy Valentine Card by BookishlyUK

Printable Gay Valentines Card by ProyectoAlegria

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Printable Lesbian Valentines Card by ProyectoAlegria

Shakespeare Quote by BookishlyUK

Alice in Wonderland bookmarks valentine’s day cards DIY kit by Raidersofthelostart

FrankeNaut / Bride Valentine’s Card by BigBotDesign

You’re My Elizabeth Bennet Card

I Love You More Than Books card by UKTwoForJoy

Nerdy Letterpress Valentine by BlackShellPress

I Love You Like Dobby Loves Socks Card by GreatScottDesign

MARVEL Comics Super Heroes Valentine’s Day Card

Papercut ‘To the Moon and Back’ Card by EHdesignStore

‘I Carry Your Heart’ Keyring Valentines Card

Edgar Allan Poe Valentine’s Day Card

Romantic Instant Download Bookmarks by QuotesandProse

Granddaughter Reading Valentine’s Day Card

Story Valentine

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Valentine’s Day Card

Lovecrafting Greeting Card by Octicalillusion

Be Mine Valentine card in a Literary Love Story style by PurposeandWorthetc

Book Lover Romantic Card by Shop803

Pride and Prejudice Valentines Day Card with Literary Quote by VeraLaLune

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day Cards for book lovers? Any that we missed?