Fun Accessories for Your Reading Glasses

I recently celebrated my last birthday in my 30s, and friends have been coming out of the woodwork to tell me that when they turned 40 (or 42 in some cases), they needed reading glasses and/or bifocals, seemingly overnight. I have worn prescription glasses my entire adult life, but so far I am only near-sighted; will I need reading glasses next year? I kind of hope so, because I have found some delightful glasses accessories that make me feel like a fun librarian. (Librarians all wear reading glasses, right?)

Category 1: glasses chains

I own, wear, and love this chain: 

Here is a nearly identical version without the skulls, which I guess is a thing some people might want.

This one is really modern and nifty and you can choose the stone.

If you’re more classic, pearls might be the way to go.

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This one is the simplest of all and I may order one to keep on hand as a backup:

Put a bird on it. Or just a feather. 😉 Or the moon and stars.

Don’t like chains? Maybe they irritate your skin, or you dislike the style. This plain cord is lovely.

Category 2: necklaces

Necklaces are my favorite jewelry, and I love the idea of a necklace I can hang my spare glasses from.

If you ask me, this cat lanyard is perfection.

Or perhaps you’d prefer beads. I found navy blue, red, and rainbow.

Category 3: brooches

Not a fan of necklaces? I got you. Perhaps you’re a…night owl?

Sorry not sorry. If owls are not your thing, maybe you’d prefer poppiestree of lifea paw printpansy or this lovely floral design.

These brooches are magnetic, which means you can wear them with any outfit and not worry about poking holes in it.

category 4: decorations

Okay, enough options for wearing your glasses; what about decorating them? Here for you! CHECK OUT THIS FEATHER. It’s like a fascinator for your face.

Or maybe you’d like charms to hang from your eyeglass handles. I love this tiger eye and these butterflies.

category 5: glasses holders for the home

I have a lot of glasses, and I haven’t even begun to collect reading glasses yet. I need storage options.

This great hanging display comes with arrows, maps, bicycles, and other backgrounds.

I saved the best for last, though. If, unlike me, you have space to display your glasses on works of art, feast your eyes upon the ultimate glasses holders:







His and Hers.